PLM Prompt: PLM on Google Chrome OS?

PLM Prompt: PLM on Google Chrome OS?

Google Chrome- Windows-here-I-comeShort but important note, in my view. Google announced their plans to have Google Chrome OS. When Google announced Google Chrome browser nine month ago, it was clear to me potential of this browser is much beyond browser only capabilities.

So, where is Product Lifecycle Management in this stormy environment? Google said it plans to open source the code for the operating system later this year and it is already talking to partners about the project, which is why it has gone public about it at this time…

Interesting question – who will be partnering with Google about PLM?


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  • Hello Oleg-

    Here comes the 900lb gorilla! Google is going to rule the computer world and like we talked about, with no “marketing”, interesting!


  • Devon, my (more specific) question will be how (and when) customers in our community and eco-system will be ready to adopt Google-like products? -Oleg/

  • Oleg-

    If I knew that, I’d be a millionaire in 5 years ;-).

    Seriously, companies with strict ISO/FDA workflows will take 4-7 years to adopt, IMO. Companies with less strict workflows may adopt in 1-3 years.


  • OK, here’s a question for you 🙂

    What project/application are you researching? Your “daily posts” seem to be research questions, leading to a project. Correct?


    [Oleg] there is no “research project” behind this blog :)… I put my observations about PLM industry and variety of technological technological and business topics.

  • Devon, I don’t think ISO/FDA is the only reason why customer won’t adopt cloud/saas etc. There is certain perception of security and IP ownership… This is my view. Oleg

  • Murli Ram

    Interesting view point from Dvorak:
    “Is Google’s new OS more than just a bluff?
    Commentary: Search engine giant launches counter-attack at Microsoft”

    Oleg, I like your “Windows, Here I come pic”. Take a look at this cartoon:

  • Murli, regardless on who predicted what, I think, finally, we have chance for better competition now. And this is what will do world and software better. -Oleg