How to increase “Business Process Technology” Adoption Rate for PLM

How to increase “Business Process Technology” Adoption Rate for PLM

business processOne of the things I see very important is user adoption. We can develop brilliant technologies, but if nobody  uses it, the value of these technologies will be very low. I see Process Technologies as  very important for the Product Lifecycle development… One of the problems I see today is that there is inconsistence between the definition of the Process  and its usage.

I think definition side of “process technologies” works very well. We can define who is doing what and when, how information is flowing and many other details. But as soon as we start this process, many things change. People move, new tasks and changes appear,  and at  the end it’s not easy  to understand  what is going on, how to execute, monitor and manage the changes in this process. Therefore, at  the end, many of processes slap and become  very formal or less usable. So, what can we do in order to prevent it?

I’d propose  three steps that can improve Business Process Technology adoption:

  1. Flattering Processes Definition. A process needs to become more modular, simple and changeable.
  2. Simplification of the User Interface. We need to remove complexity. Simple… Actually,  users need a list of tasks to perform on daily basis and a list of follow up tasks. We need to massively use mobile and other alternative communications and collaboration tools to allow users to follow up the processes.
  3. Flexibility and Change. Changes will come very fast. Life and organizational processes are really dynamic. Process implementation  must allow managing those  changes. It  should be easy-to-make step. We need to be able to re-assign people, change/cancel tasks and to change the process itself. 

So, what do you think?


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