PLM Prompt: Real CAD from Cloud is coming?

As it looks like, the first public results about CAD applications running from cloud are coming from Autodesk. My attention was turned by Autodesk Lab Twitch Product.


Welcome to project Twitch! This project is testing remote delivery of our applications over the Internet. The goal of project Twitch is to enable you to test and try the latest versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and Maya without having to install or download the applications. These applications run remotely on our servers and are delivered to you over the Internet. You will use them in the same way that you would if they were on installed on your system.

The whole story reminds me phrase from Ralf Grabowski blog-“After 23 years in CAD, I’ve learned that nothing’s for sure — except maybe AutoCAD”. So, AutoCAD is going to be the first CAD on cloud?

Any comments?

Best, Oleg


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  • This idea seems to be hitting the web much like the much ballyhooed ST from last year. This strikes me as another gimmick (as least for now). I’m on the wait and see bangwagon.

  • fantastic… Someday (soon), I look forward to seeing all employees (design/engineering) having a netbook or even a thin client while all the computing happens on servers in the cloud …


  • Sriram, I don’t believe designer will go with netbooks, but probably every person will have appropriated device – PDA-size; Tablet size, Working desk size. Best, Oleg

  • fcsuper, The idea to run CAD system from internet connection (or even from TCP/IP connection) is not a new idea. However, it sounds like more mature now. In my view mainly because of AWS and other cloud services availability. Best, oleg.