• Great work, its just one year but feels like I am enjoying reading your blog for years…

    thanks, keep writing…


  • Sachin, You are welcome! Thanks for your comment!… Best, Oleg

  • Bhushan

    Hi Oleg,
    Excellent work, Keep Posting. This Blog has been a good source for understanding PLM for many New buds like me.

    Thanks & Congrats for One Year Completion … [Many more to come]

    Thanks & Regards,
    -Bhushan Teli

  • Oleg,

    You are the best example (pattern?) for all us.
    We say blog, we mean Daily PLM TT:).


  • Congratulations with this milestone!

    I’m especially interested in your vision regarding plm, web and SharePoint. Would be nice if you could write a post about straitPortal, I’m curious to hear your vision on these subjects.


  • Congrats, Oleg. Hope to read much more from you in the coming year!

  • Stanislas

    Really nice blog!
    I’m enjoying it from just 2 months and it’s very accurate in the views you provide us.

    Keep on going.


  • Michal Guelfand

    Mazal Tov to the guy that lives PLM 369 times a year !

    It’s even more than 365 days a year, at more than 360 degrees !

    Great reading your blog posts and insights !


  • Manuel Joseph

    Keep it up Oleg !!

  • Oleg,
    Quite an achievment, happy Birthday to your blog. Thanks for keeping the conversation going and throwing out thought-provoking ideas.


  • Dear Friends! Thank you for your support! We will keep blogging all together! Best, Oleg

  • Arnaud

    Happy birthday, it is a real pleasure to read your PLM posts

  • K Balasubramanian

    Happy Birthday. Your posts are very well written and thought provoking. Keep up the great work.