Technia PLM Innovation Forum

Technia PLM Innovation Forum

I’m going to attend Technia PLM Innovation Forum 2010 next week in Stockholm.  You can learn more about the event and see the main agenda and afternoon round table sessions.

In the morning, I will be presenting about PLM and Social Media. The working title of my talk is PLM and Social Media 101. I think, there are a lot of buzz and hype around the Social Media topic. Some of the people see it as a magic silver bullet or next big technological thing. In my presentation, I’m planning to focus on two things: 1- social media is simple; 2- you can do it with minimum effort and high benefits.

Afternoon, I will be running a discussion round table – Future PLM technologies. I’m constantly discussing various technological opportunities on my blog. This time it will be live discussion. These are three topics I’m planning to focus on:

  • New Trends in Collaborative Software
  • Cloud and The Future Of  PLM?
  • Integrated PLM Systems: Nuts and Bolts.

If you are planning to be in Stockholm, I’d love to see you on my sessions as well to meet and talk during the breaks and evening program. I’d be very excited to meet readers of my blog in person. Such type of conversations is very inspiring and give me a food for next blog stories.

Best, Oleg


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