PLM Think Tank In Numbers

Note: My new website and blog is BeyondPLM.

I’m proud to share some numbers about live discussions that happen in PLM Think Tank:

Think Tank Topics: 500.

Total Page Views: 250’000.

Number of comments: 3800.

You can see the full list of topics here. Thank you all for helping me to make this real!

Best, Oleg


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  • Thank you for the blog. I find it a great source of info and a place to get the mind thinking about cloud organization of engineering info. This is an exciting time for technology and being a podcaster/blogger myself, I know the effort that goes into keeping the topics fresh and consistant. Thanks Oleg for a great resource! ~Lou

  • Lou, You are welcome! We’ll keep blogging. I’m looking forward to many news discussions. Don’t forget to visit You will find current PLM Think Tank and additional discussions there. Best, Oleg