Knovel and Engineering Information

Knovel and Engineering Information

The ability to have an important engineering information reference seems to me obvious. Thanks for one of my readers, who sent me information about Knovel. I found the Knovel’s web site interesting and even with my little engineering background, I could find some useful information.

I found specially interesting the experience with data search tools. Take a look on the following video:

What is my take? Getting an easy access to engineering references is important. The information access needs to be intuitive. The way knovel is searching for reference links, based on data input, looks interesting. The last mile (when it gets to actual books and articles) is still confusing a bit. My opinion… YMMV.

Best, Oleg


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  • PTC’s Mathcad and Knovel have partnered to provide standard engineering values and common (and not so common!) examples and worksheets that most engineers use. Their database is pretty extensive. Your colleague, Kenenth Wong, wrote about it here:

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    Alan, Thanks for the comment and link. Best, Oleg