Communism and 10-Year PLM Vision

Communism and 10-Year PLM Vision

I read MCADCafe article – PLMIG announces a 10-Year PLM Industry Vision. It navigates you to PLM IG (Interest Group) where you can read a short article of PLM Industry Vision for 2020. I found the following statement interesting:

By 2020, PLM has been publicised and developed as a professional activity so that everyone in business, in any capacity and in any industrialised country, is familiar with it. PLM teams work in an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.  Project justifications are based on an internationally-agreed PLM Benefits Reference Model, which allows ROI to be based on precise metrics generated from real implementation successes over the past 10 years.

I had a chance to participate in many PLM-related meetings that organizations managed to have during their PLM implementations. One of the biggest problems for them was to agree about multiple data management practices. What I learned – it is very hard to get people to agree about something. So, the notion of “an internationally-agreed PLM Benefits Reference Model” looks like a dream about Communism to me.

What is my take? I’m old enough to remember the history of Soviet Union. In 1960s (time before I was born), Nikita Khrushchev announced that by the year of 1980, Soviet Union will be approaching Communism. Well, we all know what happened to Soviet Union in 1980s… History lessons are important. Period.

Best, Oleg


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