Virtual CCB idea: Can we use Wiki for PLM?

I think everybody knows about Wiki. (Wikipedia definitions of wiki software).

Today Wiki engines became very popular and affordable. There are a great number of available wiki platforms starting from big vendors and ending with open source and online offerings. You can take a look on Comparison of Wiki Software. Providers of Collaborative Platforms and software classified as Enterprise 2.0 also supplies Wiki capabilities. You can see some successful examples of Wiki usage presented on Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston this year (Successful enterprise-level wiki implementations). Big providers like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle are including wiki capabilities in their offering.

There are newcomers in Wiki space – Semantic Wiki. The example of semantic wiki is Semantic MediaWiki and some others.

Do you think we can do leverage Wiki in PLM? I’m coming with an idea to implement, for example, ECO management system based on Wiki engine. Today ECO implementation in an organization requires intensive organizational work mostly going beyond of software and technology. This work is focused on understanding of how an organization processes works. By implementing CCB (Configuration Change Board) activity as Wiki we can create a self learning system that can absorb current practices in the organization. Since Wiki Engine provides flexible content aggregation and integration capability this WIKI CCB can evolve and be integrated with another enterprise software – PLM, ERP, SCM and others.


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