Who will play role of Google Maps in PLM?

Sunday observation – Who will play role of Google Maps in PLM? 

Google Maps plays significant role in development of online business applications by providing universal location oriented user experience. This user experience can be leveraged multiple times by different location-based applications and services (Location-based Service). I was trying to analyze PLM and enterprise domain in order to find similar application that can provide universal PLM user experience.

 There are some classes of applications that I wanted to mentioned anyway with regards to this domain:

 1.     Enterprise Mashups (application area emerged from ability to mix data coming from different sources and present it to user.

2.     Microsoft Excel Services (high acceptance of Excel user interface make it usable everywhere)

3.     Dassault Systemes 3DLive (very promising lifelike user experience comes last year in new DS products).

 None of the mentioned above application didn’t emerged on the level of Google Maps user acceptance. So – “Google Maps PLM” still need to developed.


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