Top down PLM approach … from SolidWorks Labs?

SolidWorks Labs just released new product Treehouse.

My first thought on this application was – this is just great for people that see processes in organization going top down. Going from concept, building initial product topology can be used efficiently in many scenarios: 

1.     To produce CAD design based on Sales Configuration model

2.     To generate initial design from product requirements

3.     To create several design alternatives based on initial design concept

 It’s nice UI and I’d like to have this product as extension of SolidWorks and ability to be connected to Bill of Material Management tools in PLM modules.

For more examples of PLM oriented scenarios you take a look on ENOVIA SmarTeam Engineering Express Solution. 

Few very nice reviews of SolidWorks Treehouse: 

New SolidWorks Labs Application – TreeHouse, 

 SolidWorks Tip: 5 Ways to Use Treehouse to Speed Assembly Design


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  • I just left a comment somewhere else about this topic (what a coincidence). I am thrilled with this new idea from SolidWorks Labs! It validates the idea that design actually leads CAD modeling. Engineers are thinking about how to structure and organize their products well before making the first boss or hole. The next question is, when will tools like this be available to non-CAD users (note that Treehouse requires SolidWorks to be loaded)?

  • Jonathan, I agree with you. From standpoint of user I’d like to see tools like TreeHouse independent on SolidWorks for users working on conceptual designs and similar topics. I believe it can be improved in the future. Regards. Oleg

  • Hi Oleg, thanks for the link! Treehouse addresses some up-front assembly organization that was manually written out. This adds a tad of automation. I’m looking for a few more options I hope development will bring out. Besides that, it’s a great addition to an engineers toolbox. See ya!