Is there place for PLM Mashup technologies?

Mashup technologies started first as web applications that combined data from multiple sources into single integrated tool. In many cases product lifecycle management is about how to present integrated view of product data created by design (CAD) and engineering tools (CAE) as well as information comes from other system in organization (ERP, SCM, CRM…) combined with organization business processes. With latest development and support of SOA and increased support of SOA by many enterprise application and Application Platforms, idea of PLM Mashup can become reality. 

There are big amount tools coming to this place provided by big software vendors (IBM business mashups, Microsoft Popfly), Online service providers (Yahoo! Pipes, Google Mashup Editor), Enterprise Software Vendors as well as growing number of multiple providers of mashup toolkits and application. 

Key requirement that need to be accepted by PLM application is ability to share and combine data in enterprise organization which, in my view, provide huge benefits to all users in manufacturing organization and extended value chain.


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