How can PLM leverage Social Networks to marketing with customers?

I think that staying in contact with your customers is the number one goal for all organizations today. And this is ultimately one of the goals of CRM.

 But nowadays, things are changing… and our customers are very likely involved in various social networks in which they speak with colleagues and friends, reference products they are using, and talk about their likes and dislikes.

 I’m thinking about the ability to leverage existing social networks  – such as Facebook, and maybe others  LinkedIn is, for example, is very business-oriented.  – in order to get feedback and other valuable information from our customers.  The Facebook pools feature looks exactly like what is needed.

 You can raise Facebook Polls with different questions related to what your product is doing such as What are customer demands? What problems do your customers have? All are online, and what’s especially important, as they are connected and open within a social community, the potential social effect is huge.  In addition, you can see some tools that have been developed to support Facebook Polls – Widgets, Wizards etc.

 I would be interested in your opinion. Actually this feature has existed in Facebook since 2007, so maybe some of you have already tried it.

You can see good selection of Facebook Polls following this link. 



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