PLM beyond Twitter

I wanted to get back to micro-blogs, and more specifically, to Twitter.  In one of my previous posts, I discussed the potential of micro-blogging as a tool for collaboration. I’d like to take it even further, using Twitter as an example.

My observation is that Twitter can be a good example of how to create a collaboration tool for people who dislike managing their work, by definition. I’m referring to designers and engineers…

Why do I think that Twitter, in particular, and micro-blogging, in general, will make designers and engineers happy?  I think that the main point is that tools like these will free their mind while keeping a record of their work at the same time. A Twitter-like collaboration tool will allow them to communicate openly. However, on the other hand, Twitter provides very good notification and search capabilities (take a look at  or  for example).

So, here is my basic proposal for Twitter as a collaboration tool for designers/engineers:

1.       CAD/PLM content can be placed or referenced in twitts (by reference, 3D or picture)

2.       Allow designers and engineers to manage conversations (following, direct messages, notifications).

3.       Keep record of activities and changes


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