Big-Bang PLM Dreams – should we move away from monolith approach?

For years, PLM and not only PLM, but also other enterprise systems like ERP supported idea of a single backbone system that can solve all problems. Enterprise PLM platform, in general, follow this approach by proposing platforms and systems focusing on supporting concept of single point of truth, common view and unified modeling. This approach clearly stated in all last major releases of PLM systems coming from both CAD-based and ERP-based origins.

So, discussion I want to have is quite opportunistic. I want simply put – is it really good and beneficial to follow “a centralized approach” and believe a single system will solve all problems business have around Product Lifecycle Management? Let me explain what I have in my mind by figuring out few important trends:

1. Modern enterprises have tendencies to agile organization and outsourcing for product development and manufacturing.
2. Single vendor platform will be “a functional compromise” in terms of specific niche application and services.
3. Establishment of a single system is a source of very significant investment and business organization.

In addition to these organizational trends, there are few important technological trends I want to mention.

1. Development of OnDemand services and applications
2. Usage of Internet as a platform for social and organizational communication

All these trends together bring me to the point to ask – what will be next platform for PLM? How this platform will be able to adopt to fast changed word of business and communication? How future enterprise and PLM platforms will be able to manage “change” concept and become transportable for changed organizational and technological landscape?

I don’t think I have all answers to state how change will happen, but I see PLM system  different from monoliths applications and platforms we’ve built today.

What do you think? How do you see future agile enterprise PLM platforms and applications?

Best, Oleg


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