PLM Prompt: Non-PLM as an opposite to PLM?

Picture 10Reading Vuuch post “Do Opposite Attract in Business Process?”, I decided to go future and think about opposites in PLM. And I have to acknowledge, this is hot topic, especially when you come to sales point, cost and ROI. I want to come later with more detailed analyzes of what non-PLM can do different, in my view and opposite to PLM.

My today, prompt is just initial set of questions to you:

1. What is opposite to PLM and how do you see it in the market (I believe non-PLM is not very attractive)?
2. Do you think companies that distant their offering from PLM strategies doing something different?
3. Can we make PLM from non-PLM pieces?

I’m coming with longer post on this later this week and meanwhile will be looking forward to your comments and thoughts.

Best, Oleg


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