Cisco EOS or How to Make Manufacturing Companies Social?

For the long period of time CAD/CAE/PDM/PLM were recognized as tools for product development and manufacturing. However, modern trends, moving PLM to the space where the ability to be exposed to consumers, building communities and have social interaction becomes extremely important.  If you are in the business of product development, like every manufacturer does, you need to have a tool that allows you to interact with your users visually, provide right content at the right period of time that allows to get customer feedback or build a community for the future product launch.

Looking on Cisco EOS solution, I got an impression that such or similar product can be used very well in combination with PLM tools that allows to expose product development content to end-user.

What is Cisco Eos?
Cisco Eos is a hosted software platform that enables Media & Entertainment companies to more effectively and economically deliver compelling social entertainment experiences around branded content. Built to scale, Eos can support multiple customers, thousands of customized sites, and millions of users. The platform brings together social networking, site administration, content management and audience analytics features on a robust and secure hosting infrastructure. Eos offers everything media companies need to create, manage and monetize online communities. Eos-powered sites combine high-quality professional content with user generated interactions to create unique and engaging entertainment experiences built around the media companies’ brands.

I found the following article as a compact set of of very useful explanation about what CISCO EOS is.

Few days ago, I wrote about online internet graphic, CAD and publishing here. For me products like Cisco EOS can provide an interesting bundle and opportunity to expand PLM adoption and build an excellent interaction with end-user. PLM providers are working on their consumer-oriented strategies, but it seems to me too slow or too closed for mainstream adoption.

We need to watch this space closer in 2010. I’m expecting some very interesting experiments in this area following broad adoption of social tools in the consumer space. Businesses are just starting to think about broad development of “fan pages” on the Facebook. When they will come closer to this space, they will discover the need to have these systems tightly connected to product development environments.

Just my thoughts. Let me know what do you think?

Best, Oleg


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