Key Success of SharePoint – What Should PLM Learn?

Key Success of SharePoint – What Should PLM Learn?

I’ve been thinking about Microsoft SharePoint success in enterprise organizations. For the last few years Microsoft leapfrog in their ability to provide SharePoint-based solutions. I will put below few points that in my view are the foundation of this SharePoint success.

1. Basic solution for share files and portal availability.
2. Initial licenses embedded in Windows Server.
3. It doesn’t require huge upfront implementation and service efforts.

What I can conclude is that most of SharePoint deals were down without huge IT involvement and, of course, CIO approvals. I’m sure that many CIOs even don’t know how many SharePoint instances they have in their organization. The conclusion – no CIO involvement can simplify your solution path to the organization.

Now, I’m thinking back about PLM. For the last half decade, the most important message from businesses and sales I heard about – we need to sell PLM to C-Level. This is so called ERP lesson. This is the way ERP was sold to many organizations. My question today – is it something that PLM need to continue pushing forward? No, I don’t think so. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t see any problem in selling enterprise solutions to CIO in the big organization. However, when you think about mainstream adoption, ability to expand the solution in the organization, to get some end user commitment will be very beneficial.

So, what is my conclusion today?. PLM needs to learn how to play Trojan Horse in the organization and start flying below CIO radars. This is what SharePoint did, and, I think, it was successful. Of course, after implementing such strategy you will be invited to CIO too. However, your position will be different.

Just my thoughts. YMMV.

Best, Oleg


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