How do you want to see your PLM start page?

I want to raise the following question. How do you want your PLM application to start? I was reading the following article in Mashable and thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss. I’m sure your impression about the product in your everyday life can be different depends on how this application welcome you, and what you can see in the beginning. If you think, many of the applications you really like have clean, simple and attractive welcome behavior. And I’m sure you don’t want to see apps that take time to warm up and brings you lots of unusable information.

So, getting back to PLM, I decided to put some ideas of how potential PLM start behavior can look like.

1. Open. This one is typical for most of the desktop apps. If you are working with CAD system or similar desktop application, this is your way to go. Open what do you need, Go… If you CAD app is connected to sort of the data management tools, you probably have some enhanced version of Open, but same ideas.

2. Status. You probably manage lots of tasks, activities, people, processes. So, dashboard-like a welcome page can help you get oriented in what is going on.

3. To do list. Another variant to concentrate, but mostly on what do you have in your work list for today, this week, this month, this year… If you think in terms of GTD, this is a place for your next action…

So, I’m sure there are more behaviors and ideas. I’m sure, new environment will become more webbish Facebook-like. You are welcome to share your experience and thoughts, as usual.

Best, Oleg


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