PLM, Chocolate and Innovation

PLM, Chocolate and Innovation

I’d like to share some thoughts today following yesterday’s Mass Innovation Night in IBM Center in Waltham, MA. This is my first time on this event. Initially, I was interested to see Vuuch presentation as well as some other companies. If you are local in Massachusetts and want to take a look on new companies and technologies, I’d strongly recommend to keep this event on your list. You can find more information about future events, contact information and links to presenting companies on the following link.

I liked presentation and how the event was organized. However, I’d like to share with you my thought about the company that impressed me the most on the yesterday’s show. As a person that doing most of my time with technologies and everything around that, I found company Taste of Chocolate very fascinating. The biggest lesson here is related to values and passion. We often tend to forget about this when talking a lot about technological innovation. Think about this first when you will start writing your next program :)…

Just my thoughts,
Best, Oleg


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