How Cloud Will Help To Sell CAD?

I had chance to read a WordCAD Access post by Ralf Grabowski – So, how much will CAD on cloud cost? Ralf is discussing how CAD vendors will charge customers when their solutions will be available on cloud. I think, one point is missing in this discussion. Cloud and Internet are disruptive. It can change a lot of fundamental things. Think about Google’s disruption in the advertising and later in the media business. A selling strategy can be more granular and brings new parameters in the game.

I can see few additional options that in today’s world are not available.

1. Sell per traffic (per GB)

2. Sell number per use (timeshare)

3. Sell storage you can access.

So, my conclusion is simple. Cloud will be innovative and we are going to see it.

Best, Oleg


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