PLM, Interoperability and Cloud

I read Microsoft Talked Open Data, Open Cloud and watched Microsoft’s Jean Paoli video. It seems to me, Microsoft is taking seriously the topic of heterogeneous development environment, IT, cloud and data together.

Some of the ways in which Microsoft demonstrates their committment to these four elements include:

  • Support for and participation in standards organizations such as OASIS, W3C, ECMA, ISO and OpenID.
  • Support for data portability using OData.
  • Support for multiple languages including .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby when developing cloud applications.
  • They also make it easy to move data in and out of SQL Azure, Windows Azure Storage and Live Contacts using an API.
  • The ability to manage identity across on-premise and cloud based applications.

Paoli’s talk and Microsoft presentation made me think again about PLM interoperability. Interoperability is long and a very painful issue in CAD and PLM industry. I think, with the introduction of cloud platforms, we may discover a renaissancein of the interoperability discussions.

What is my take? One important statement made by Microsoft- “Data belongs to users“. You can take it to the cloud and retrieve it back. Company owns the data. I think this is an important statement. PLM industry needs to think about it. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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