Virtual Desktops and CAD-PLM on the Cloud?

Virtual Desktops and CAD-PLM on the Cloud?

I read Virtual Desktop Are Hot Again by Gigaom. The discussion is interesting and I see a real connection between cost reduction and expanding of Virtual Desktops. The list of virtual desktop providers is inside. Take  a look on the following quote with interesting numbers:

Hosted Virtual Desktops promise a massive buying change for enterprise infrastructure. Gartner estimates that the worldwide hosted virtual desktop (HVD) market will accelerate through 2013 to reach 49 million units, up from more than 500,000 units in 2009. Imagine the opportunity for a large company to have the entire desktop infrastructure for thousands of employees hosted externally as a service. The slashing of capital expenses and migration to a subscription-based model is compelling for most businesses.

What is my take? I think, Virtual Desktops can play a positive game in the future of CAD/PLM business on the cloud. By running massive virtualization, vendors can prepare customers to stop thinking “local desktop”. What is your opinion on that?

Best, Oleg

PS. I participated in “CAD on the Cloud” podcast recording by Lou Gallo today together with Matt Lombard and Solidsmack. Hope to listen to it online very soon. Actually, just discovered how podcasting environment looks like on Lou’s side:


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