Who will create first CAD or PLM App for Google Glass?

Who will create first CAD or PLM App for Google Glass?

The discussion around Google Glass is heating up. Google was very transparent by rolling out Google Glasses and providing lots of information about what Google Glass experience will look like. You cannot get Google Glasses now- applications are closed now. However, you can leave your email and Google will contact you. The reviews are going from excitement like – Google Glass will definitely get someone punched in the face by this CEO to completely opposite one – Google Fights Glass Backlash Before It Even Hits The Street.

At the same time, you can see the early stages of development debates around Google Glass. Google provided a limited access to Glass development tools – Google Is Holding Closed Door Meetings With Developers To Talk About Apps For Google Glass. Few days ago, I’ve been reading another provoking article – Google Glass Bans Developers From Making Money With Apps – So Why Do Developers Bother? Here is an interesting passage:

But Google has made it quite clear that developers can’t charge for their apps, or include any advertisements. So if developers can’t make any money from the apps they create, what’s driving them to build Glassware? “We want something that is going to excite people,” Michael DiGiovanni, developer of the Glass app that lets you take a picture with a wink, told Business Insider. “If you excite people, that helps in your career. Even if you can’t initially monetize it, we want to be at the forefront of new technology.”

Actually, according to another article, there are tons of applications for Google Glasses. I recommend you to take a look and get inspired with your potential to develop Google Glass App. I specially liked Path Finder app. You can see sample screen here. I don’t know how real is that, but it looks promising to me.

Few weeks ago, I explored possible scenarios of Google Glass usage in engineering and manufacturing applications – The future of PLM Glassware. Accessing information in a transparent way looks like a promising and interesting opportunity.

What is my conclusion? It is early days of Google Glass technology. Probably, it is a time for vendors to explore new opportunities. I’m looking forward to see more real examples and access Google Glass to try it in a different applications. I wonder, how many CAD and PLM companies are already looking on Glass and the possibility to develop apps? Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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