COFES Russia / isicad 2010 Plenary Session and Working Groups

COFES Russia / isicad 2010 Plenary Session and Working Groups

I’m going to join this first COFES Russia event on 21th September. Earlier this week David Levin of LEDAS announced his vision of isicad 2010 / COFES Russia plenary session. Navigate you browser on the following link. If you not familiar with David Levin, I can recommend you to subscribe on his very popular blog – Not Just Russian CAD/PLM.

The topic of my short plenary presentation is “The Future of TLAs in Engineering Software”. How much time you’ve been watching presentation that was completely overloaded by CAD, CAE, CAA, SCM, PDM, PLM, BOM, BOP, ECO with some flavors of ERP, CRM and MDM? I hope you’ve got my point…  I’m going to give my short insight on what will happen with all these TLAs in 2010s. For those of you who love acronyms, I prepared a surprise – a completely new and almost unknown TLA…

Afternoon program of isicad / COFES Russia 2010 contains of 7 roundtable discussions. David Levin posted his introduction to these roundtable on his blog. I’ll be running a roundtable discussion “News and trends in PLM/PDM”. You will recognize some of the topics that previously discussed on my blog. However, I’ll use the opportunity to have a live discussion. It will be interesting how roundtable in Russia will be different from traditional COFES roundtables I’m attending since 2005.

I will be twittering from isicad / COFES Russia 2010. Follow #cofesrus10 hash tag. If you are going to attend this event, I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Best, Oleg


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