PLM, SharePoint and Migration Madness

PLM, SharePoint and Migration Madness

I just learned that SharePoint migration projects require user’s involvement to be really successful. Navigate your browser to the following link and read – “When and How to Include End Users in SharePoint Migration Planning“. This story reminded me all stories I’ve heard in my life about PLM migrations. The following passage is interesting:

The problem with this view is that your end users know their requirements, essential business processes, and data better than you do. Input from the staff and managers who are responsible for the artifacts managed within SharePoint is a critical factor for a successful migration.

The story of migration between different PLM systems is complicated. Last week we’ve seen lots of buzzes and publications about Daimler’s decision to switch PLM systems used worldwide. I believe, the problem of the migration is valid not only for big OEMs, but also for smaller companies. What caught my attention is the fact SharePoint was pointed by Microsoft as the universal hummer to solve all possible and impossible data management and collaboration problems in a manufacturing organization of all sizes. Nope. From what I learned SharePoint is sharing the same enterprise software and PLM problems related to software upgrades and migrations. I’d be interested to learn how customers are handling migrations between different SharePoint point versions, which include dependent PLM solutions.

What is my conclusion? SharePoint is Microsoft’s heavy weapon to solve enterprise problems. However, I see more and more examples of SharePoint having the same weakness points as PLM and other enterprise software – dependencies on services, complicated customization and need to maintain complicated migrations. Now it is a time to check your PLM/Sharepoint options…

Best, Oleg


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