Beyond PLM New Year Resolution

Beyond PLM New Year Resolution

Hi Everyone. I never posted New Year Resolution before. However, I decided to make this change and post Beyond PLM New Year resolution for 2011. I want to thank all you for helping me to shape Beyond PLM blog by participation, asking questions and writing comments. I will do my best to make 2011 even better by development of new ways to run discussion on my blog. So, this is my Beyond PLM 2011 New Year resolution.

1. Keep a controversial informative discussion about Engineering and Manufacturing software.

2. Discover new trends and opportunities related to Product Lifecycle Management.

3. Publish Beyond PLM think tank posts daily.

4. Develop 140-char message oriented discussion on Beyond PLM

5. Get at least 5 hours sleep regularly (this is probably won’t happen :)).

I’d like to wish everyone a successful and prosperous New Year!

Best, Oleg


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