PLM Practice in Building Industry?

PLM Practice in Building Industry?

I read TechCrunch publication New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013 this morning. This publication made me think about some common approaches that can be used  in PLM and BIM software. Time ago, I had a chance to share my thoughts about PLM and BIM similarity. According to TechCrucnh:

Smartphone users who scan a QR code on a construction permit in New York, according to a press release from the mayor’s office, will get “details about the ongoing project – including the approved scope of work, identities of the property owner and job applicant, other approved projects associated with the permit, [and] complaints and violations related to the location.”

The QR codes will link users to a mobile version of the Department of Buildings Information System, and will give them the option to click a link that will initiate a phone call to the city’s 311 phone service, where they can register a complaint about noise, safety or other concerns.

What is my conclusion? Using Serial Numbers is a common approach in manufacturing industry for years. It seems to me building industry is trying to adopt some practices from manufacturing. QR Code is not much different from S/N. Last month, during SolidWorks World 2011, Dassault SolidWorks made an announcement about future products in building industry. It makes sense to re-use some manufacturing experience DS in manufacturing. Autodesk and Bentley Systems are long time players in this space. Will PLM roots help DS to take some portion of construction market? A good question.

Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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  • Colin Bull

    We have developed a solution using requirements and variant management for COLA regulations for similar designed powerstation designs just but built ivarious locations. So using varient management to develop 150% COLA and varients to make the COLA document specifc to a Site.

  • Oleg,
    Eurostep is involved in some BIM related projects where IFC and PLCS are used. See
    This industry, as well as infrastructure with roads, bridges etc is another industry with SW vendors fighting a war and users asking for openess.

    CEO Eurostep Group

  • beyondplm

    Hakan, Thanks for your comment and link! What, in your view, can turn vendors and systems to more “openness”? Today it is not on the agenda of many vendors… Best, Oleg

  • beyondplm

    Colin, thanks for your comment! I’d love to learn more from your examples. Do you have any publicly available materials, slides, videos? Thanks, Oleg