PLM Definition – Corporate vs. Consumer Style?

PLM Definition – Corporate vs. Consumer Style?

It is seems to me PLM definition is a trending topic these days :). Few hours ago, I posted my “PLM Definition – Next Round?” which is referencing the refreshing PLM definition coming  from PTC. What I found is that Dassault Systems have been decided to refresh their PLM definition as well, by publishing the following video in their Elementary Collection (thanks Kate at 3D Perspective for posting this).

What is my take? I found this new DS video refreshing. Dassault is definitely looking on how to disconnect from a corporate style and redefining PLM using their Lifelike Experience. This style seems to be very “consumer oriented” and stands opposite to more traditional definitions of PLM you can find on the web. The question I’m asking myself is how Dassault Lifelike Experience can be connected to the other company activities and systems? In the end, Lifelike experience is just about the tools. How these tools can be connected into a company product development process is the right question to ask. Just my thoughts…

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