PLM and Post-PC Era

PLM and Post-PC Era

I found an increased trend of conversation around the “post-PC” topic. I found the conversation fascinating. Are we going to replace our PCs, workstations, laptops with mobile table devices like iPad 2? I’m not sure it is going to happen soon. I’ve been reading Gartner’s prediction about PC market dynamics as well PC World article discussing the same topic. Nevertheless, I can see how mindshare PLM vendors are reacting on strong dynamics of tablet devices. Earlier last month, I posted 3D/PLM and iPad: Future or Baloney? I’m continuing to watch other CAD and PLM vendors coming to the “table” and introducing their iPad apps.

Early Adopters or Mainstream?

Autodesk was one of the first vendors coming to the tablet’s game. It started by introducing AutoCAD WS last year and followed by multiple additional Apps. In my view, Autodesk is still leading with the maximum number of various iOS apps. Dassault and SolidWorks came later this year and introduced 3DVIA Mobile on iPad on SolidWorks World 2011 earlier this year. Few days ago, I found Siemens PLM introducing TeamCenter Mobility Apps. I found the following video interesting. Watch it and make you conclusion.

Mobile and Decision Making

I can see a clear trend to introduce mobile apps as something that drives to better decision making capabilities. It raises multiple use cases where end users are not necessarily needed to stick with the fully blown application tools on their PC to make a decision. I found TeamCenter app scope wider than other mobile applications introduced on iOS devices before.

What is my conclusion? I can see signs of post-PC era. I don’t think it means that we will replace our PC with mobile devices. However, it introduces a new dynamic in decision making that can help to accomplish their jobs, even if they are out of their desks. The new status quo can introduce a completely different set of expectations in front of PLM vendors these days. Important. Just my opinion.

Best, Oleg

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