PLM Think Tank July – Top 5

PLM Think Tank July – Top 5

The big weekend finally over and this is a time to get back on track with a long list of blogging topics. The weekend was well spent reading my feeds andmaking photo activities. Obviously, if you take a photo camera in your hands on 4th of July it is about picturing fireworks. So did I and I would love to share fewshots from this weekend with you.

Now, let’s move to my regular Top 5 posts for the last month.

My Experience with Dassault V6 PLM Cloud on Amazon

This post in a short period of time became a leader. I think, people’s interest to the Cloud and Dassault is significant. Dassault Systems is definitely pioneering in the development of PLM applications on the cloud. They are probably the first mindshare PLM vendors potentially making cloud available for a mainstream. The idea is cool – you subscribe, pay money or make a trial subscription and… magic happens. The overall impression I’ve got – it is something new. There are lots of small missing pieces, which are probably normal in the first release.  In my view, time is now the most critical aspect for Dassault engineers – the idea is cool, but the details are what important in Web 2.0 environment.

Aras PLM lines up against Windchill, Enovia, and TeamCenter

This is long time leader. Aras is definitely moving towards crossing paths with PLM like Windchill, Enovia, TeamCenter. Is it possible to displace large PLM system with Aras today? My answer – it depends. The PLM implementation scope is varied, and every implementation can be different. Therefore, I specially liked the community oriented approach of development. This is something that can make a difference. On the side of platforms and integrations – time will show if Aras will find a balance between throwing resources and effective delivery. This is a big challenge.

Thinking About PLM on the Planet PTC Live

My posts from PlanetPTC raised a lot of interesting. PTC made rock solid show in Las Vegas. The team shows integrity and was well orchestrated. I was impressed by a keynote and demo provided by Brian Shepherd. It was clean and except of some problems with PTC Social Links was running smoothly. Some of live demo were very impressive. PTC execs were achievable and schedule was flexible. High speed internet can be a big plus and can improve the quality and streamlining of the information. I’m going to blog later today and tomorrow and share my thoughts about PTC strategy. Especially interesting for me was everything related to the Windchill 10 and associated presentation of “single point of truth”.

Future Promises and Concerns about PTC after Planet PTC Live

Another post (conclusion) from PlanetPTC. I found Planet PTC very energetic and enjoyed communicating with the executive and marketing team. Two days wasn’t enough to get connected to many people, but I found online community (and especially the community on tweeter) very active, and I’m looking forward to staying connected on the blog, tweeter and other social net. I think some of the things PTC is thinking and working about are very promising and following industry demands. At the same time, the strategy is still lacking some fundamental decisions related to how PLM improves the work with the rest of enterprise software. Another element of the concern is related to the scalability of solutions for different companies. My take – one size doesn’t fit all in manufacturing industry. It shows some promise in Creo Apps, but not reflected in anything else.

Design To Manufacturing Process: Bumpy Road?

This topic is ***just*** important. The space of design to the manufacturing solution is complex and not covered well, in my view. The demand from customers is significant and the same time the requirements are complicated and solution in a most situation needs to be tailored for every customer.  Most of the software vendors are talking about design to manufacturing processes and, at the same time, moving integration to partners, service providers and 3rd parties.

Best, Oleg


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