PLM and Future of Gamification

PLM and Future of Gamification

It is already more than 2 years I first asked on my blog if there is a border between games and PLM software. For some of the people back that days it was funny. However, things are moving more and more to game-like environments.

The following Forbes article The Gamification of SAP by Tim Clark caught my attention few days ago. For many years, I know SAP is a company that paying less attention to user experience (sorry SAP folks, but it is true). Things are going to change, actually. SAP is looking for people playing games when accomplishing business tasks. Funny. Huh? Reading Forbes, I found the following passage inspiring:

“If I look at how my kids are consuming software, if it’s not desirable immediately, they throw it away. Can you imagine what happens to your IT landscape when these people come into business? I don’t know how you want to keep your IT strategy going so we’d better make our software delightful as well.”

When it comes together with mobile, it becomes even more exciting. Take a look on iPad game SAP offers. Actually, users are playing games to achieve their business tasks.

What happens on PLM side? I didn’t find any evidence of PLM games in the portfolio of PLM vendors. However, I found Dassault System innovative in this space playing a lot with 3D and avatars.

What is my conclusion? I think enterprise software needs to re-thing “gaming” concept. The boarder is blurring these days. I can see many situations where game user experience can be very appropriate. Interesting to know your opinion. Speak your mind. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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