Are We Ready For PLM Art?

Are We Ready For PLM Art?

I’m in UK these days. Everything is on the wrong side :)… So, I decided to start from an unusual topic. What do you think about PLM art? No, I’m not crazy. I think, we are about to discovery new places where 3D and Lifecycle technology can take us. The idea came to my mind when I was reading TNW article about C4 creative coding framework. Take a read. Here is an interesting part:

Following in the footsteps of artistic-focused coding frameworks like Processing and openFrameworks, C4 is a new kid on the block with an interesting twist: it’s entirely iOS-focused. The decision to solely target a single, closed platform may seem like a limitation at first, but this hyper-focus on iDevices could prove to be a benefit, enabling C4 to do one thing and do it right. C4 emphasizes a media focused approach, and hopes to be the easiest way for developers to jump right into animation and multi-touch interaction for their iOS apps.

I found the following video somewhat amazing:

Watch this one as well:

The idea of popularization of technologies using tablet and mobile phone devices is getting more popular these days. Few days I go, I found quite interesting announcement from Dassault System about 3D experience of Paris via the new app on iPad. Navigate here to learn more about Pars’s heritage.

Of course, I have to mention one of my favorite games from Autodesk – Thinker Box.

What is my conclusion? Don’t be afraid to start on the wrong side of the street these days. The technology is taking us to different directions. Sometimes it sounds and looks unusual. However, nobody knows where it will take it. People tend to appreciate more games and fun these days. What if your next problem in the lifecycle of the machine or airplane will be presented as a game on the iPad that will help your customers to understand the experience? I think, it is possible. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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