PLM, Physical Experience and Homegrown IoT

PLM, Physical Experience and Homegrown IoT


To connect virtual and physical worlds was always one of the most important imperatives. What if I can experience my product before manufacturing – flying virtual planes, driving virtual cars, etc. Navigating back in my blog, I found few good examples of physical & virtual connectivity – Physical and Virtual Convergence; PLM and physical experience; Real time virtual 3D hand tracking. For many years it was mostly about how to simulate physical world.

IoT (Internet of things) is coming to connect loop back. Now we can think about how to track data and physical objects back. I recently talked about 3 things PLM can do with IoT tomorrow. The discussion about how future IoT platforms will be developed are trending around promising billions of $$ in business,  inspiring development and promoting future acquisitions.

Meantime, I found the following example absolutely hilarious – somebody stuck GoPro camera in dishwasher. Thanks for Business Insider article and my Facebook friends for bringing this topic to me.


Want to see more details? The video below will get you into full dishwasher physical experience.

I’m sure this experience can inspire few quality engineers to look how to research and improve future dishwasher designs. Well, to sell GoPro camera together with dishwasher will be a bit expensive. I’m sure manufacturers can find some better alternatives that can be connected and integrated by just announced Apple Home Kit or maybe future Google and Microsoft alternatives.

What is my conclusion? Manufacturing products are getting smart and connected. There is no question if I will be able to control my appliances from smart phone via internet in the future. This is just a matter of time. Manufacturing companies will look how to bring physical experience back to design and production for various reasons – quality, liabilities, warranty, support, etc. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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