Develop3D Live Boston

Develop3D Live Boston


I’m attending a very first Develop3D Live event in USA today. Navigate here to learn more. You can follow event via #d3dliveusa twitter hashtag. Here is very inspiring message about the reason bringing the event to USA.

We are currently undergoing a revolution in digital design tools and processes, with rapid advances in every aspect of design; conceptual, 3D printing simulation, prototyping, desktop fabrication, rendering virtual reality mobile and cloud. DEVELOP3D LIVE BOSTON is the event where product designers can learn about the latest trends from the experts.

Develop3D Live is organized by Develop3D magazine, which claims to be a source information for product designers and other folks interested in every aspect of technology for product lifecycle.

There is an interesting line of speakers as well as vendors at today’s event. This is single track event, no options to choose. I was skimming the program yesterday. and found heavy representation of 3D printing vendors in the event program – Formlabs, Markforged, Stratasys, This is clearly one of the most favorite topics for Develop3D editorial team. You can read more in the following blog Latest 3D printing tech takes over Boston at DEVELOP3D LIVE USA.

There are two presentations that caught by special interest focusing on CAD and cloud topics. The first one by Ed Eaton (DiMonte). A case study in adopting Fusion 360. An 18 year SOLIDWORKS veteran shares the honest experience of his first Fusion360 project: designing a device to help a disabled kid play hockey.

The second one is by William Annal (Scotrenewables) – Agile product design for sustainable energy will speak about experience with Onshape. Scotrenewables designs machines to convert tidal energy into electricity. With a team spread between Edinburgh and the remote Orkney Islands, they uses cloud-based CAD to collaborate and speed up design. I guess he will speak about Onshape. Later this week you can spot William Annal speaking at Onshape webinar .

What is my conclusion? I look forward to attend the event. openBoM (disclaimer – I’m co-founder and CEO) is one of the vendors presenting at the event. Follow my twitter later today for more updates. Boston stands in the middle travel routes between California and Europe and it seems to be one of the favorite places for event organizers looking for attendees to balance timezones and travel time. However, many of companies presented at the events are located in Boston – it is a great place to innovate here. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of openBoM developing cloud based bill of materials and inventory management tool for manufacturing companies, hardware startups and supply chain. My opinion can be unintentionally biased.


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