Digital transformation and PLM consulting – live debates next week at PLMx Hamburg

Digital transformation and PLM consulting – live debates next week at PLMx Hamburg

I’m getting ready for PLMx conference in Hamburg next week. If you missed my article with review of the agenda, check it here. I’m thrilled and excited to be this year event chairman and look forward to meet all of you coming to Hamburg and also planning to follow the event on Twitter. I’m planning to experiment with Instagram during this event, so please be ready for something unexpected.

During my session at PLMx I will speak about PLM innovation and danger to get involved into buzzword innovation. Marketing can do magic and you can find yourself buying old products with new names. I will share my thoughts on navigating the difficult road towards PLM innovation. Especially looking at how to avoid the common pitfall of replacing old systems with new names and how cloud technology and the Industrial Internet hold the key to PLM Innovation.

New cloud tools, technologies are changing current landscape of business activities. One of them is consulting. More specifically PLM consulting. Few weeks ago, I started online dialog with my long time blogging buddy – Jos Voskuil. We took sparring-blogging discussing variety of topics – PLM benchmark, technology, product, processes. But we ended up with something I believe very important for the industry today – impact digital technologies and new business models on PLM consulting.

Since we’re both coming to PLMx conference in Hamburg next week, we suggested to MarketKey, PLMx organizers to host live debates between me and Jos next during the conference. Check the agenda for detailed information. The formal name of the session is – Digital Transformation and the Future of PLM Consulting

Here is a short description of the session.

Digital Transformation and the Future of PLM Consulting

Digital Transformation is new and requires new ways of thinking and working. It brings new tools and new opportunities to organize information. Digital transformation is influence all aspects of PLM work including PLM consulting, where traditional PLM justification and selection was done by consultancy firms who master the complexity.

With PLM democratization and introduction of new business models and tools, the question is if PLM consultancy is still required and if so, what would be the role of a PLM Consultant in the future. Oleg and Jos have started this discussion on their blogs and would like to extend and elaborate with the audience around this topic.

PLMx organizers will be filming the session and you will be able to watch this even you don’t plan to go to Hamburg. But, if you’re coming to Hamburg,  you cannot afford not to listen to our debates. You’re welcome to come.

I also encourage you to send me questions you want me and Jos to answer. Please don’t be shy and put it in the comments to this article.

What is my conclusion? Technology and consulting are two very important category that going long way to be debated by manufacturing companies and PLM specifically. Will the entire model of professional consulting will change? I think, yes. It will change gradually and then one day suddenly. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM developing cloud based bill of materials and inventory management tool for manufacturing companies, hardware startups and supply chain. My opinion can be unintentionally biased.

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