PLM Think Tank: Top Discussion for 6 month…

PLM Think Tank: Top Discussion for 6 month…

Dear Friends,

I’m looking back in the past 6 months. All discussions were absolutely cool…  I enjoyed each and everyone. I think, you will be interested to know what discussions drive your top attention. So, the following posts were absolute leaders in number or readers as well as active participants and comments.


6 reasons Why Google Wave will Change PLM Collaboration

Top Five Disappointing PLM Technologies

SharePoint PLM Paradox?

PLM in economic downturn – Is there a place for second-mover innovation?

PLM Action Plan for Dummies

Open Source: Is the Game Changing for PLM?

Also, I’d like to highlight set of discussions about PLM and MS Excel:

How PLM can beat Excel? Or Blue Ocean’s ideas on how to improve usability…

Why Do I Like My PLM Excel Spreadsheet?

PLM Excel Spreadsheets: From Odes to Woes

I’m looking forward to our future discussion.

Best, Oleg


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  • François


    happy to see that the first commented post is about google wave. It is really the most exciting technology I have seen these days.
    I just wonder how much time it will take to have this embedded in our PLM softwares. 2 years? More?


  • François, Yes, Google Wave raised massive interest. I think, Google, in general drive a lot of attention because of multiple reasons. One of them is because they are trying not to be “evils” at the overall landscape of enterprise vendors. How long it will take? I don’t think somebody can make such prediction. I think enterprise adoption is not simple step to accomplish. As you can see, today, from MS Office 2010, one of the huge advantages of Microsoft Office in the enterprise is user adoption rate. So, ride will be interesting… Regards, Oleg.