iPad: PLM and non-PLM User Experience

I think, we are going to see more iPad applications in coming year. Will PLM and other enterprise software vendors adopt new Apple tablet? This is a very good question. On the surface, I can see multiple trials to introduce various iPad applications. Below you can see few examples of iPad application from PLM (Siemens PLM), SAP (ERP, PLM) and just Office application.

Siemens PLM TeamCenter

SAP Business By Design and Business Objects

Office HD

What is my take on this? iPad have a good chance to change user experience in the organization. The right way to do is to think about simpler applications. Just my thoughts… What is your opinion?

Best, Oleg


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    Of course the simpler the better, PLM to the masses, PLM who really is always with you, PLM which is even more understandable. The main thing that would be the development of this trend is not confined to the platform from Apple:)

  • beyondplm

    Alexey, thanks for commenting. Cannot agree more… to make it more understandable and simple. Best, Oleg