PLM and Pointless Visualization

Data management is boring. Data, Numbers, Tables… Even, if I completely disagree, I guess lots of people think so. Nevertheless, even if you work on absolutely boring from data coolness standpoint  project, you can find how to get some fun. Take a look on the following visualization.

The video presents a visualization of the life cycle of a source code in the project Gource 2.0. You can learn how to create a very nice presentation even from completely pointless for visualization data. In my view, a very good lesson to all PLM-vendors. You need to think cool. Just my opinion…

Best, Oleg


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  • Christine

    In addition to being really sexy, advanced data visualization is really important. Data by itself means nothing, but comparing it against other fields gives it value. You can report project status all you want, but there’s no arguing with a well presented Gantt (not that it’s a new concept, but not something that traditional PLM provides).

    A few of the tools I’m watching are SolidWorks Labs treehouse, and Microsoft’s Pivot. I wonder if I could use the latter to identify and clean up errant CAD Meta Data in advance of a PLM implementation? Realistically, legacy Meta Data holds tremendous value, but it can be hard to map to.

    As much as software vendors like to say “I looks just like Outlook”, I have to wonder if maybe we should be searching for superior UIs rather than focusing development on common ones.


  • beyondplm

    Christine, Agree completely. Visualization is a very fascinating topic. I can see a difference between visualization and common UI (this is related to your Outlook use case). Common UI is good to prevent users from learning how to work. Visualization can show some trends, slice and dice data from different perspectives. If you remember, my MS Pivot idea presented by Simon F from MS is one of them. You can take a look on one of the most crazy ones here — 3D Perspectives: 3 Ways to Visualize Hierarchical Structures Best, Oleg

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