PLM and Post-PC Era

PLM and Post-PC Era

I found an increased trend of conversation around the “post-PC” topic. I found the conversation fascinating. Are we going to replace our PCs, workstations, laptops with mobile table devices like iPad 2? I’m not sure it is going to happen soon. I’ve been reading Gartner’s prediction about PC market dynamics as well PC World article discussing the same topic. Nevertheless, I can see how mindshare PLM vendors are reacting on strong dynamics of tablet devices. Earlier last month, I posted 3D/PLM and iPad: Future or Baloney? I’m continuing to watch other CAD and PLM vendors coming to the “table” and introducing their iPad apps.

Early Adopters or Mainstream?

Autodesk was one of the first vendors coming to the tablet’s game. It started by introducing AutoCAD WS last year and followed by multiple additional Apps. In my view, Autodesk is still leading with the maximum number of various iOS apps. Dassault and SolidWorks came later this year and introduced 3DVIA Mobile on iPad on SolidWorks World 2011 earlier this year. Few days ago, I found Siemens PLM introducing TeamCenter Mobility Apps. I found the following video interesting. Watch it and make you conclusion.

Mobile and Decision Making

I can see a clear trend to introduce mobile apps as something that drives to better decision making capabilities. It raises multiple use cases where end users are not necessarily needed to stick with the fully blown application tools on their PC to make a decision. I found TeamCenter app scope wider than other mobile applications introduced on iOS devices before.

What is my conclusion? I can see signs of post-PC era. I don’t think it means that we will replace our PC with mobile devices. However, it introduces a new dynamic in decision making that can help to accomplish their jobs, even if they are out of their desks. The new status quo can introduce a completely different set of expectations in front of PLM vendors these days. Important. Just my opinion.

Best, Oleg

Freebie. Siemens PLM didn’t pay me to write this post.


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  • I hear the same conversations as you Oleg and share your views that there are signs of a post-PC era. However short term I don’t think there is any requirement to even think about replacing PCs, laptops or smart phones with tablets… There is a different demographic for tablet use. I believe there is room for a 3rd arena between smart phones and PCs/Macs. We have already seen a decline in growth of sales of laptops and netbooks since the release of the iPad. Where we use our computers for fixed location creativity, work and communication we tend to use phones for mobile connectivity, checking and updating, I think we will use tablets as something in between. Apple originally positioned the device for consumer based browsing, media consumption and reading. This focus is shifting into the enterprise environment, but I think for the same purposes. I think it will be a device we use for remote connectivity, update checking and content review. Once this niche stabilises then the apps will naturally follow.
    Also – just my opinion
    Best Regards
    Paul Saunders

  • beyondplm

    Paul, thanks for your comment. I agree, iPad started as a consumer device, but now shifting towards the business and enterprise place. I don’t think it will come as a replacement to PC/Laptops, but it will create an additional niche. Practically, it will allow to people to get the job done in a different way. At the same time, it will not replace existing ones. Best, Oleg

  • Alistair Graham

    Off topic but… It reminds me of those ugly days when my company gave me a pager and my manager would bother me every now and then with his messages and make me work even from my bed. I used to call the pager as a “nuisance enabler device”. But those days fell behind after I moved to the CAM domain. Since working with CAM software requires big iron machines, so I am not expected to respond from my bed and the subway. At least as of today, I don’t see how any serious work can be done from an iPad, iPod or any fruitberry. Something like delegating an issue to somebody, like whats seen in the video, can be done as long as this does not turn into another “nuisance enabler”.

  • beyondplm

    Alistair, I see your point. I think, there are many scenarios (except working from the bed :)), where people would love to have “handy device”. Maintenance, service, management, etc. Does it make sense? Best, Oleg

  • AlistairGraham

    That depends on the view point from where one is sitting. It makes sense from the managements view point in a capitalistic setting but not from the labor’s point of view in a labor oriented socialistic setting.

  • beyondplm

    what is the difference in “labor oriented socialistic setting”?