Social PLM and Facebook Data Centers?

Social PLM and Facebook Data Centers?

Slow down… Facebook is not creating PLM yet. Facebook is growing their infrastructure. I read about Facebook Open Compute project. Navigate your browser to the following link and read about Facebook’s innovation in the area of cloud computing. Here is my favorite quote:

So what is it? Facebook is opening up the specifications and design documents that went into creating their customized servers and datacenters. According to Facebook, these are much more efficient than the industry standards out there right now — especially if you’re specifically building social applications. In fact, Facebook says their servers are 38 percent more efficient than the off-the-shelf ones they were buying previously. And that has meant a 24 percent cost savings

You can take a look on the video produced by Facbook:

What is my take? I’ve heard about multiple ideas how PLM can leverage social technology. This is the unusual one. Facbook data centers. Why it is important? I can hear a tone of openness in the way Facebook presents it. Is it a take on Google? Maybe… However, manufacturers and PLM providers are concerned with the security and talking about private cloud. The technologies demonstrated by Facebook can be an option to build a cost effective PLM cloud. Just my thoughts..

Best, Oleg


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  • kaheniem

    Oleg, have you noticed a site called Quirky ( It is not a social PLM or PDM software but social product development community that uses crowdsourcing as a development tool. The community designs the product and if it gets enough votes and pre-orders the Quirky will pay for the final designing, branding and manufacturiung.

    The idea behind the site is pretty nice though I’m not sure if it really works in practise.

  • beyondplm

    Kalle, thanks for sharing of this link. I noticed such a type of development. However, I didn’t know about this particular site. Best, Oleg

  • MarcL

    This was an interesting move and one that I believe will benefit the server hw industry tremendously. There are multiple practical and strategic reasons why Facebook has done this… some might say it was ‘foolish’, while others would recognize it as ‘brilliant’ — it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

    The best explanation / analysis I’ve seen was in a blog post on ars technica

    Why Facebook open-sourced its datacenters


  • beyondplm

    Marc, thanks for commenting and for link sharing. I believe as soon as cloud/web company growth beyond a particular point, data center became a viable decision. I think, we will see more. The big players in this space (i.e. AWS, Google, etc.) will try to propose an alternative. So scaling point will move upward… Just my thoughts, Oleg