Microsoft Azure and Toyota Cloud: Should PLM Care?

Microsoft Azure and Toyota Cloud: Should PLM Care?

I read the following Reuter article: Microsoft Toyota team team up on digital auto network. It made me think about cloud again. Time ago, I wrote about the connection between physical and virtual worlds. I can see Toyota and Microsoft are on the road to think about how to create a cloud network to support car operations. Here is an interesting quote:

Toyota is planning to set up a network based on Microsoft’s Azure “cloud computing” platform by 2015, which would allow customers across the world access to Toyota’s digital services, such as GPS, multimedia, and managing power on electric and hybrid vehicles.

What is my take? The cloud infrastructure is growing. Part of this infrastructure can be leveraged by software vendors. The ability to get an access a car’s operational parameters is a big advantage. To provide a way to optimize these parameters is a potential opportunity. Now, think about even more. The same Toyota cars used by Google for their self drive experiments. So, we have self-driving cars that can optimize their driving parameters. Dream? Think about iPhone back in 2000…

Jut my thoughts.
Best, Oleg


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