PLM and Business Process Management Redefintion

An interesting post was published by Luna-Tech research about the Business Process Management redefinition. Only few years ago, PLM was very focused about Collaborative Business Processes. These days I see PLM and Business Processes are not going very often together. My take is that PLM learned BPM implementation lessons. It means a huge increase in customer implementations time, services and training.

Luna-Tech blog pointed on Activity and their way to disrupt BPM space. Their F.A.Q. is worth reading. You can learn about how Activity thinks to disrupt BPM space on their web site.

Few notes from BPM redefinition done by Activity made me think that BPM vs. PLM competition can get back due to BPM disruption.  Activity is built around BPMN 2.0 as a standard, leveraging Alfresco and stepping into Open Source space. Activity presented how to think differently in the existing market space. It sounds like a good example for the potential of PLM disruption…

Best, Oleg


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