PLM Prompt: The Future of PLM Platforms

PLM Prompt: The Future of PLM Platforms

oracle platformThe following press release two days ago drove my attention. Kalypso, the world’s premier innovation consulting firm, announces the launch of PLM Vivo, a new pre-configured product lifecycle management (PLM) solution designed for the food and beverage industry. If you dig inside you find out that Vivo built on top of Oracle Agile PLM for Process.

From the same press release –PLM Vivo comes configured with Kalypso templates, workflows, core data, and profiles specific to the food and beverage industry that is based on best-in-class implementation practices. The pre-configured PLM Vivo solution not only reduces setup time, it also provides a straightforward path for legacy data migration, enables rapid business process documentation, and facilitates swift user adoption.

So, my PLM prompt today is maybe we have a future trend toward separation into PLM platforms providers and providers of pre-configured out of the box applications providing focused industry knowledge? Just my thoughts… what do you think?



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