First PLM Lessons From Google Buzz

First PLM Lessons From Google Buzz

Google introduced a new product yesterday – Google Buzz. It is still very new, but I think, the message is clear. Google finally decided to step into massive social place allocated today by multiple social nets and communication tools. It is too early to say how Google Buzz will evolve in the open internet space. It is even harder to predict how Google Buzz will impact enterprise space. However, during the event, Google mentioned that they will roll out Google Buzz also to enterprise apps and will make it available inside of Google apps.

I’m sure, at the time you’ll read my post Google Buzz will be already available on your accounts. So, the simplest way, click on this link and try this out. You can watch some videos too. The following one is short and nice. I liked it.

However, I wanted to share with you some of my impressions and first “PLM lessons” from Google Buzz.

Communicate Easy
The same lesson repeatedly. People’s collaboration is all around their emails. When you try to create multiple streams by adding a new collaboration tool, you are in real danger to create frustration. Since, people are following emails much easier than other messaging systems Google decided to bring Buzz to the Gmail. I think, PLM made an enormous effort by trying to shift people’s way to collaboration from the email. Not sure this is the right thing to do.

Connect to Existing Processes
This is sort of continuation of the email story. How people can find right peers to work with? Buzz came with the simple idea – just ramp up on top of gmail accounts as a social net. Later, you can improve. PLM put huge effort on how to establish right processes and how to model processes in the organization. However, I think the missing point was about how to connect to existing processes in the organization. Since, in most of the cases, PLM comes to the existing company, they have processes set in place. To capture them is probably the most important thing to do.

Remove Walls
You can see how easy Google Buzz connects to the environment -web, pictures, twitter… What they are trying to do is to remove walls and artificial barriers in the organization. I think, this is the important lesson, PLM needs to learn. When I’m hearing voices like “who is more strategic in the organization?”, I can see huge barriers built around. Is it the right way to work in open social place?

I think, Google Buzz has a long way to go. However, this is a very interesting experience and lots of lessons to learn from how Google Buzz will be competing with existing social network giants – facebook and twitter. I will try to focus more on potential of Google Buzz in enterprise space and specifically related to PLM.

What is your opinion? Have you made your first Google Buzz steps?
Best, Oleg

PS. It is obvious to say, but Daily PLM Think Tank is coming to Google Buzz too. I will see you buzzing there :)…



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