PLM and User Driven Data Models

I found very interesting blog post by Active Knowledge blog about Data Management practices by Frank Lillehagen. It is worth reading. Data modeling is a challenging piece in Engineering and Manufacturing. Data modeling is a significant and complex piece of each PDM/PLM system.

System capabilities and performance heavily depend on the quality of data modeling principles. I had chance to write about PLM models in my PLM Think Tank blog.One of the most important characteristics of the data model is flexibility. The piece I mostly like was about User Driven Data Modeling. In my view, this is quite important and fundamental characteristic of PLM data model.

Continuous innovation, holistic design, and knowledge management require a new approach which better supports user driven data definition and process evolution. Data models and derived views are needed by different roles for many different purposes.

What is my take on this? Data modeling became very complicated piece of PLM system. To get people involved into data modeling will shift PLM implementation in the future.

Best, Oleg


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