Virtual and Physical Convergence

The things are moving fast these days. One of the most fascinating trends is the emerging connection between physical and virtual words. PLM vendors are talking about it long time. However, I was looking for real-life examples that can bring some practical sense into this story.

My attention was caught by the eBay acquisition of RedLaser. RedLaser is a really good product, and I’m using it on my iPhone. You can take a look on this perfect video demo.

What is my take? Talking big about virtual and physical in PLM is boring in my view. The example of car crash drive and flight simulators are boring. Here we can see something can improve my everyday life. What about product service that will help me to deliver some product characteristics in addition to price to this service? How you can get an access to this information? Can we use it to get an access to the information about regulation, product reviews? PLM vendors… It sounds to me as a call for action? Just my thoughts… YMMV.

Best, Oleg


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