3D CAD Access in Manufacturing and PLM Improvement

3D CAD Access in Manufacturing and PLM Improvement

An interesting report was published by SearchManufacturingERP.com few days ago – Report: Wider access to 3D CAD images can improve PLM by David Essex. According to the Joe Barkai of IDC, the key topic is “multi-disciplinary collaboration” and an ability to take a decision early in the process. However, article presented PLM improvement in a very unusual way. It turns PLM systems back to their origins – 3D CAD views. The ability to share 3D design information downstream – this is one of the keys enables to improve productivity and improve decision making.

In my view, the key passage is the following one:

Technology like 3D CAD design software, simulation, and virtual reality can encourage collaboration by synthesizing product data sources and making them accessible to broader communities of decision makers, according to the report.

Visual information has the most impact in the “process interfaces” where departments hand off decisions to one another, Barkai said. For example, by improving visualization in product lifecycle management (PLM), companies can see how designing better quality into a product can reduce service costs.

What is my take? It sounds to me like “back to roots” call. PLM providers are spending significant efforts to deploy a broad range of process improvement tools. However, sharing of 3D data downstream and teamwork, especially in multi-CAD environments are still not perfect.

Just my opinion.

Best, Oleg


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