Can “Try For Free” Model Work in PLM?

Can “Try For Free” Model Work in PLM?

In my view, “Free” is continuing to pull people. Recently, I’ve seen few articles in PLM Blogosphere that was talking about “free” PLM offerings. You can point on a very good article by Zero-wait State – PLM Perspective: Free PLM Software Tomorrow. Jos Voskuil wrote – Free PLM Software Doesn’t Help Companies! Time ago, I posted my PLM Prompt: Is Free the Future of PLM?

Preparing to my roundtable discussions during this week Technia PLM Innovation Forum and next week isicad 2010 / COFES-Russia, I researched is there something new on the horizon of “Free” and PLM. So I came to an interesting announcement of PLM Plus about their Try For Free offering. You can see it by navigating your browser on the following link.

What is my take? I can see a very small number of companies are innovating now in PLM space. I can literally find a few. I can see PLM Plus is one of them. I haven’t heard from them a very long period of time since PLMPLus Dawns the Ref Gloves of Simplified Internet-based, On Demand PLM. I can see different pros and cons about “Try for free” model. Pros – you don’t need to invent up-front money to buy licenses, you can decide to give up if it doesn’t fit your organization.  Cons – the organization needs to invest time and resources to work with “free trial”.

No conclusion for today. I subscribed to my “free trial” of PLM Plus. Let see how it works…

Best, Oleg


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