PLM Collaboration and Email Innovation

PLM Collaboration and Email Innovation

Short note this morning. I just learned about Etacts, company that launched their solution earlier this year. Etacts wizards understood the value of email communication. The service they delivered helps people to track contact and communication in your Gmail as well as mobile devices. It made me think one more time about complicated relationships between PLM and email. At the same time, the ability to deliver messages and information via email is very natural.

I assume, snagget Etact to improve their collaboration capabilities. The value of communication becomes so crucial, enterprise vendors are trying to leverage it in their applications. Etact communication patterns and email intelligence is interesting.

What is my conclusion? I think PLM companies undervalue the ability of mainstream application to improve customer adoption. The Etact example shows how to improve collaboration by leveraging connections to email and mobile devices. No allergy to collaboration. Less buzzwords. Just my opinion…

Best, Oleg


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